During the twenty-seven years of American occupation, history repeated itself for the Okinawan’s. They were Japanese citizens without the protection of the Japanese constitution, and they lived under the flag of the United States without the protection of the American constitution. They were pressured to denounce their Japanese-ness and become fully American. They were supposed to cooperate with the United States to protect democracy against communism, but they found themselves under a military dictatorship that had little regard for their democratic rights.
Mitsugu Sakihara (Voices from Okinawa: History and Okinawans, Page 137)

To the beat of her own drum.

Alena definitely has her own personality and character.  I love watching her grow into herself…if that makes any sense.

Of course like any other keiki, she isn’t perfect.  And I would never want her to be perfect.  I love how she problem solves, learn from her mistakes, and become a wiser and better wahine with every challenge and success that comes her way.

He hoa nō.

I have about eight friends; not people I know or say aloha to but, friends.  True, really good, aloha all around they’re `ohana kind of friends. 

I know a lot of people.  Graduated with over 400 classmates, plus so and so’s friend, or eh yeah that person dances for my sister hālau, or um yeah always see um out in the Hawaiian community, and you get the idea.

My kāne pointed out that from all of the people I know I’m pili to the eight that I don’t have much in common with, almost nothing except for our mutual pilina hoa aloha. 

In manaʻo Hawaiʻi hoa are a mea “o” class.  You don’t choose your hoa, they choose you.  I can’t really explain why or how my eight hoa and I chose each other but, I know my pili-ness and aloha for them grew as our friendships did.  So, even though we may have grown into different people, we grew together and supported each other on our different ala and huakaʻi. 

Privacy Issues

Initially I joined tumblr because my hoa pili had one and then I started to like it because it wasn’t just one of those social networks where you shared what youʻre doing, you shared your stories.

It became an outlet for me and a place where I could read and relate to the stories of others.

This is my third tumblr account and this one is just for me. 

Surprise surprise.

Tomorrow is my kāneʻs birthday.  He thinks I have to work but, I took vacation leave for tomorrow and have a fun filled day planned.  Early AM surf sesh, breakfast on the beach, a hike down Kaʻena, lunch Mākaha surfing beach, pick up Alena, go to our favorite beach to watch the sunset then his favorite katsu curry for dinner at home. 

And a beer or two to unwind and relax afterwards.  He’s not into expensive gifts or attention so I figure give him a day filled with memories!